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Amaurornis phoenicurus javanica(Horsfield, 1821)

White-breasted waterhen (javanica)

Image acquired with permission from the Natural History Museum at Tring, United Kingdom. Specimen collected by A. R. Wallace. Specimen locality: Banjarmassing
Label transcription: [Porgana phonicura. Temm. Baujarmassuig. (motley.) / 9.5 41-] [MUS. BRIT. amaurornis phoenicura javanica. Banjarmassing.]

Species known to occur in Singapore.
Imaged Wallace Specimen from Banjarmassing.

Taxon Information

Vertebrata: Aves: Gruiformes: Rallidae (Rails, Crakes & Coots)
Taxon Name (original as given on label):
Amaurornis phoenicura javanica
A.R. Wallace
Locality of Specimen:
Banjarmasin, Sarawak
Specimen Repository:
Natural History Museum Tring