Wallace Singapore is a digital reference collection of specimens collected by Alfred Russel Wallace from Singapore in the 19th century. The collection is integrated into “Biodiversity of Singapore” which was initiated and continues to be developed by Prof. Rudolf Meier (Department of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Yuchen Ang (Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum). The database is currently hosted by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM), National University of Singapore.

Note that Wallace Singapore also includes Wallace specimens from other localities in the Malay Archipelago as long as the same species is known to occur in Singapore.

This project was made possible by Ministry of Education through the AcRF Tier 2 grant “The Natural History of Alfred Russel Wallace”, led by Dr. John van Wyhe and Prof. Rudolf Meier.

Core Team

Principal Investigators
van Wyhe, John
Meier, Rudolf

Jusoh, Wan F. A. (Project Manager)
Ang, Yuchen
Rookmaaker, Kees

Primary Bioimaging Team
Ang, Yuchen
Jusoh, Wan F. A.

Website Design
Phan, Shiyu

Database manager
Ho, Jonathan Kit Ian

Research Associates
Lim, Amanda
Wu, Melody Meng Yue
Wu, Yuwei
Leow, Benjamin


Curatorial, Collections and In-House Database (UK museums)

Natural History Museum, London
Allan, Louise (Digital Collection Programme)
Barclay, Max (Coleoptera)
Broad, Gavin (Hymenoptera)
Geiser, Michael (Coleoptera)
Huertas, Blanca (Lepidoptera)
Livermore, Laurence (Digital Collection Programme)
McAlister, Erica (Diptera)
Notton, David (Hymenoptera)
Price, Ben (Small Orders)
Ryder, Suzanne (Hymenoptera)
Webb, Mick (Hemiptera)

Natural History Museum, Tring
Adams, Mark (Bird Group)
van Gruow, Hein (Bird Group)

Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Life Collection)
Mann, Darren (Head of Zoology)
Hogan, James (Hymenoptera & Lepidoptera)
Simmons, Zoë M (Diptera & Arachnida)
Spooner, Amoret (Coleoptera, Hemiptera & Small Orders)
Child, Katherine (Imaging Technician)

Image Contributions

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, United Kingdom (selected Lepidoptera)
The Natural History Museum London, United Kingdom (selected Phasmida and Odonata)

Singapore Species List Database

Ascher, John (Hymenoptera: Bees)
Beccaloni, George (Wallace literature)
Chua, Marcus Aik Hwee (Vertebrates)
Hwang, Wei Song (Hemiptera)
Lim, Kelvin Kok Peng (Vertebrates)
Seow-Choen, Francis (Phasmida)
Tan, Heok Hui (Vertebrates)
Tan, David Jian Xiong (Birds)

Taxonomic Identification

Barclay, Max (Coleoptera)
Geiser, Michael (Coleoptera)
Huertas, Blanca (Lepidoptera)
Jain, Anuj (Lepidoptera)
Webb, Mick (Hemiptera)