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Promecidia saturnia(Mickel, 1935)

Image acquired with permission from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, United Kingdom.
Specimen collected by Wallace. Specimen locality: Singapore
Label transcription: [TYPE HYM: 118. Timulla (Trogaspidia) saturnia satornia MICKEL. ♂ H.T. HOPE DEPT.OXFORD] [Mutilla urania Smith] [1935. Trans.ent.Soc.Lond.,83:256.] [COMPARED WITH TYPE Mutilla urania ♂ Smith Mickel 1931] [PARATYPE BY C.E. MICKEL Timulla (Trogaspidia) ♂ saturnia ssp. saturnia] [SING. 26a] [Co-type]

Yuchen Ang
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Taxon Information

Insecta: Hymenoptera: Mutillidae: Mutillinae
Taxon Name (original as given on label):
Timulla (Trogaspidia) saturnia satornia
A.R. Wallace
Locality of Specimen:
Specimen Repository:
Oxford University Museum of Natural History


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